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VirtualDub 1.5.2


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VirtualDub 1.5.2  Change Log

[features added]
  • Converted help from WinHelp to HTML and updated dialog help to current feature set.
  • Added frame rate conversion to arbitrary frame rates.
  • Added logging to report non-fatal warnings during operations.
  • MPEG parser detects and reports timestamp discontinuities.
  • Added limited error concealment capabilities to input handlers.
  • Optimized audio filters a bit and added tap count control for lowpass, highpass, and resampling filters.
  • Added \"new rate\" audio filter to relabel an audio stream with a new sampling rate without resampling.
  • Incomplete audio format headers that are rejected by ACM MP3 codecs are automatically fixed with the required fields (the infamous \"tag 0055\" problem).
  • Added workaround for AVI1 files with MP3 audio being detected as MP3 files by Windows Media Player 8.
[features removed]
  • Removed coach dialogs. Not helpful enough and too outdated to maintain.
[bug fixes]
  • Fixed capture free space indicator being limited to 4GB under Windows 98 (regression in 1.5 series).
  • Fixed crash when job queue could not be flushed to disk.
  • VDFs that contained multiple filters were only showing the last filter in the library (regression in 1.5 series).
  • Fixed crash when attempting to direct copy a video stream with an abnormally large BITMAPINFOHEADER (>16K). Added code to detect and correct such mistakes.
  • Fixed hang in audio filter graph editor when placing output filter with autoconnect on and no place for it to attach.
  • Fixed livelock at end of operation when lowpass/ highpass audio filters were in use.
  • Fixed internal error when attempting to start an incomplete audio filter graph (unconnected pins).
  • Fixed garbage wLanguage/wPriority values being written to audio AVI track headers when converting an MPEG-1 file.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to load an AVI stream with an invalid sample rate (zero or infinite). Added code to guess and substitute a reasonable value.
  • Fixed small memory leak in \"smoother\" video filter.

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