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Trillian (Beta)  Change Log

  • Fixed - [License] Add hunspell into license file
  • Fixed - [Message Windows] Vista windows dont show the preview anymore, just show an icon
  • Fixed - [Preferences] Use the server-side email changing
  • Fixed - [Preferences] don't split up containers/show window previews
  • Fixed - [Social] Facebook: 'write a comment' appears above other comments in facebook
  • Fixed - [Social] Fixed a crash with autocomplete
  • Fixed - [Social] Switch shift click of systray icon to ctrl click
  • Fixed - [Social] URL Menu when hovering over a link in the list (copy/open)
  • Fixed - [Spellcheck] Updated autocorrect fix
  • Fixed - [Spellcheck] Infinite amounts of & or < in German language
  • Fixed - [Spellcheck] Type '' and it spell checks it
  • Fixed - [Spellcheck] Spell checking for German does not work, for special german letters like ä,ü,ö or ß
  • Fixed - [HISTORY] Duplicate messages in history viewer
  • Fixed - [SKYPE] Crash when receiving a typing indicator for a group chat without a window

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