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Trillian  Change Log

  • FIXED [MSN] "Draw" function in Group Chat
  • FIXED [MSN] Additional cases where l=0 might be sent in add process
  • FIXED [MSN] Additional optimizations for P2P flow
  • FIXED [MSN] Crash on sign in when authentication request fails
  • FIXED [MSN] Crash on sign in when specific race occurs
  • FIXED [MSN] Crash when attempting to reauthenticate certain requests
  • FIXED [MSN] Crash when receiving certain malformed P2P data
  • FIXED [MSN] Don't check for P2PV2 capability, use existence of endpoints instead
  • FIXED [MSN] Don't send TURN invites to users without the capability
  • FIXED [MSN] Failure to sign in with large contact list
  • FIXED [MSN] Failure to trim (Yahoo!) and (OCS) stuff when dealing with AL/BL in certain situations
  • FIXED [MSN] Immediate disconnection with 4.2 upgrade
  • FIXED [MSN] MSN Crashes due to password change on hotmail account
  • FIXED [MSN] Option to forcefully ignore all accept/deny requests
  • FIXED [MSN] Potential crash on shutdown
  • FIXED [MSN] Stale, invalid ML cache will continue to be used in error
  • FIXED [MSN] Trillian 4.2 MSN/WLM Buddy Icons are still not updating
  • FIXED [MSN] Trillian crashes with SIMP Lite 2.2.19
  • FIXED [MSN] Various miscellaneous crashes when window doesn't exist
  • FIXED [SKYPE] Fixed some crashes
  • FIXED [TWITTER] Error: Invalid / used nonce
  • FIXED [Facebook] Optimized the stream query to be less complicated
  • FIXED [Installer] Next may become disabled
  • FIXED [Message Window] Potential slowdown when an edit box is resized
  • FIXED [Preferences] Blackberry image not within devices
  • FIXED [Preferences] Combine MetaContact windows option not working

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