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Trillian (Beta)  Change Log

  • FIXED    [Alerts] Cap out the systray alerts so they don't extend forever
  • FIXED    [History] Cyrillic characters in history search query are converted to "?"
  • FIXED    [History] Toolbar does not move based on languages
  • FIXED    [LinkedIn] Fixed OAuth for wizard and client for computers with incorrect times set
  • FIXED    [Message Windows] Attempt to fix message window's not scrolling with mouse wheel
  • FIXED    [Message Windows] Images sent are not stored in history from older clients
  • FIXED    [Message Windows] Message window cannot be moved/dragged via inner borders without tab visible
  • FIXED    [Message Windows] Some URLs still contain & when launching
  • FIXED    [Message Windows] Theme colors don't work with message bubbles
  • FIXED    [Message Windows] YouTube previews not copyable
  • FIXED    [Skins] Meta window switching does not work with non default phase
  • FIXED    [Skins] Skin Layouts Other Than Default Not Supported By Preferences
  • FIXED    [Skin] Missing status icons
  • FIXED    [Trillian] Top of the log file -> remove 'astra'
  • FIXED    [OSCAR] AIM Blast groups not showing up in contact list
  • FIXED    [SKYPE] Skype status set to Do not Disturb instead of Away
  • FIXED    [TWITTER] Multiple Twitter accounts
  • FIXED    [TWITTER] Trillian can't deliver this 140 char tweet...

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