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Trillian 0.61


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Trillian 0.61  Change Log

  • added a holiday skin to this release
  • YAHOO: engine created.
  • added buddy prefs
  • added a new version of xerces
  • changed default font size to 13
  • fixed bug with double click links
  • added web links to all mediums
  • fixed scrolling to not cut off top entry
  • fixed wordwrap is messed up a bit, cuts of chars
  • install questionaire : Other web site (Please specify)
  • Change "You must be connected to a server" to "You must be connected to an IRC server (IRC-Only feature)" to dcc chats/echats etc
  • Added license agreement to install program
  • fixed crash with a click on a large list
  • detach a channel, dont get nicklist menu
  • grey out idle buddies
  • add example link for buddy add
  • fixed bad location for main window
  • fix left only menu keyboard control, also added down/up
  • change it to say donationware in prefs - Not donated to instaed of unregistered
  • change ctrl-x to ctrl-alt-x to exit
  • back button in buddy wizard
  • buddy right click
  • Fixed potential bomb in connection manager
  • Install no longer uses program files as default, will query registry
  • add timestamps in im windows
  • ESC closes query windows
  • label little button that removes stuff in dialogs
  • request: supressing buddy medium icons
  • bug with buddy scroll
  • added buddy offline folder
  • fixed a problem with windows which were previously detached, not listening
  • fixed a potential bug with parsing routines
  • fixed a possible cause of the crash on exit bug
  • added systray support
  • fixed buddy list disappearing offscreen
  • add donateware license agreement
  • glow you're on entries when not in focus
  • added more color features (pref section coming soon)
  • buddy icons in detached window taskbar menu
  • IRC: idle whois rightclick
  • IRC: *** Signon by Nickname (User@host.dom, Mask: *!*@*) detected
  • AIM: redid buddy import to use .BLT files.
  • AIM: fixed buddies not being registered as signed off if you had "close consoles" set in the windows pref instead of "Close and stay open".
  • MSN: Leif from Sweden pointed out a pretty nasty MSN bug which i've fixed. i was basically killing entire buddy lists :) i now import them into the trillian buddy list properly. sigh... need more MSN testing.
  • IMs: buddy idle messages.
  • MSN: parse "OUT" command from the server.
  • IRC: fixed a quick bug w/what i was passing to usage(). nothing exciting.
  • ICQ: when adding a buddy, trillian goes off and looks up their personal information to locate their nickname. if found, it replaces the display name of the buddylist entry with the users nickname.
  • AIM: allow "Get Member Info" clicks from buddy list.
  • AIM: added buddy alerts via buddy list right click, ala WinAim.
  • AIM: get user info prints away status & away message if user is marked as away.
  • IRC: fixed a bug with the channel manager not setting limits if one was already set.
  • AIM: i now handle the opening of buddy windows through the buddy list through right clicks.
  • AIM: rewrote my entire buddy/window handling routines to handle ICQ's "display name" quirks.
  • ICQ: center the authorization request dialog.
  • AIM: print the forceful signoff message correctly.
  • ICQ: buddy imports for 2000b DB files.
  • IM's/queries detached per medium in preferences.
  • AIM/MSN: label delete button in connection manager.
  • AIM/MSN: create accounts for these services from within trillian by launching browser.
  • AIM/ICQ: send "you've signed off" to IM windows on disconnect
  • AIM/ICQ: right click open IM w/non buddy.
  • IMs: fixed random IM crashes on closing of console.
  • AIM: fixed ABR in AIM engine. was trying to read from data that didn't exist because the code was commented out.
  • AIM: fixed a FIM in the AIM engine.
  • IMs: fixed bug with buddy selection dialog when on an IM service more than once.
  • AIM: fixed not highlighting the right name in getmember info
  • IMs: redid the connection routines for the IM engines to handle a failed DNS resolution more gracefully.
  • IMs: added variable for when to set us idle.
  • IRC: bugfixes with multiple server connections and buddy list activity.
  • IMs: added links (IRC coming later, sorry)
  • IMs: bring buddy alert window to top on creation.
  • tons of misc bug fixes.

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