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IrfanView 4.33


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IrfanView 4.33  Change Log

  • Improved rotation speed for 1 BPP images
  • New Advanced Batch dialog option: Change order of operations
  • New Thumbnails window option: Try to load EXIF-Thumbnail for JPG files
  • Simple Drag&Drop feature from Thumbnails window added
    (Load files from Thumbnails in another programs/editors)
  • Selection: hold ALT key pressed during drawing to make a proportional selection
    with the inverted ratio from "Create Custom selection" dialog
  • New effect added: Horizontal Shift (Effects browser dialog)
  • New option in "Decrease color depth" dialog: Convert 24 BPP to RGB-565
  • New option in Resize dialog: Auto adjust DPI based on new sizes
  • New option in Add-Text dialog: Adjust font size to current zoom-in size
  • Support for JPEG-XR format (HDP PlugIn)
  • Possible Thumbnail/Resample problem on Win7-64 bit fixed
  • FSH format (reading) removed (PlugIn bugs)
  • DIB-RLE bug fixed (reported by Parvez Anwar via Secunia SVCRP, thanks!)
  • JPG-2000 PlugIn crashes fixed (by Parvez Anwar/Secunia and FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
  • ANI/EMF/JPM loading bugs fixed (reported by FuzzMyApp, thanks!)
  • SGI bug fixed (reported by Gynvael Coldwind, thanks!)
  • Some new Admin INI file options added (Toolbar, Browsing, Delete); see FAQs
  • Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

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