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IrfanView 3.70


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IrfanView 3.70  Change Log

  • Creating of EXE/SCR files for presentations (in Slideshow dialog)
  • Support for MNG/JNG formats (PlugIn)
  • Support for BodyPaint 3D format (PlugIn)
  • Support for MrSID format (PlugIn)
  • Support for ECW format (PlugIn)
  • Support for MRC format (PlugIn)
  • Support for WAD format (WAD3, thanks to DrkShadow, PlugIn)
  • Support for TTF format (True Type Fonts, in Formats PlugIn)
  • Support for RAW format (in Formats PlugIn)
  • Support for Canon CRW format (high resolution, VERY slow, using Canon DLLs, PlugIn)
  • New option: "Properties->PlugIns->Set TTF text"
  • Option to activate the Canon CRW PlugIn: "Properties->PlugIns"
  • New menu: Image->Effects browser (Effects preview + settings)
  • New effect: "Image->Red eye reduction" (in the selection), very simple
  • New nice feature: Create Panorama Image (image menu)
  • Improved resize/resample dialog (support for cm/inch resize)
  • Improved batch dialog: Advanced batch options are saved
  • New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Close TWAIN after acquire" (Default: ON) (Setting OFF can be used for manual batch scanning)
  • New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Show PNG alpha/transparency color"
  • New nice feature: support for TXT format, see also: "Properties->Misc. 3"
  • New menu: File->Open ASCII file (TXT, INI, HTML, C, H, PAS, JAVA, DFM etc.)
  • The selection can be resized using left mouse button
  • Zoom into selection with the left mouse button (zoom to window)
  • New feature for administrators: "ShowExtensionsDlg" for INI file, example: [Extensions] ShowExtensionsDlg=0 => hide the extension dialog from properties
  • EXIF information from JPGs is also saved in a new JPG
  • New EXIF PlugIn
  • New multipage TIF option: "Append image to TIF" (view->multipage images)
  • Toolbar can be customized: "Properties->Misc. 3" or double click on toolbar
  • The left/right keys () can be also used for browsing through directory
  • Improved black/white TIF saving ("fixed" old and stupid 'Windows Imaging' bug)
  • Context menu for Thumbnail tree
  • New command line option: /bpp=BitsPerPixel Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /bpp=8 Supported BPP-values: 1, 4, 8 and 24 (decrease/increase color depth) => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and reduce to 256 colors
  • MP3 player is hidden in slideshow mode (can be used for background music)
  • New print option for multipage images in print dialog: Page range
  • FSH format saving added, thanks to GreyMana
  • Improved command line option "/print"; Support for custom printers: Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /print="Printer Name"
  • Improved command line option "/ini" = support for custom folders: Example: i_view32.exe /ini="c:\temp\"
  • New options in "Properties->Misc. 2" for slideshow/batch dialogs
  • Two new variations for "fit to desktop": fit to desktop width/height
  • Option to stretch small images for Contact sheet and Thumbnails
  • "Count colors used" moved to Image info dialog
  • These PlugIns are changed/added, please install the newest versions: Formats, Flash, EaFSH, SFF, DJVU, EXIF, JPG-Transformation, MP3, IPTC
  • Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

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