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IrfanView 3.05


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IrfanView 3.05  Change Log

  • New: Help file is available! Many many thanks to Steve Clark! :-)
  • Support for SFW files (Seattle Film Works)
  • New feature: Open any file in HEX viewer (Menu: File)
  • New view option: Show HEX view of file (HotKey: F3, like Total Commander)
  • New option in Properties->Others2: Don't change index after renaming
  • New View menu item: Start/Stop automatic moving through directory
  • New features in thumbnail window (toolbar, MRUDs, browse button)
  • New thumbnail options (in thumbnail window)
  • New fullscreen options: Rotate (L/R), Flip (H/V)
  • New command line option: '/thumbs' (start IrfanView in thumbnail mode)
  • New option in Properties->Viewing: Always center window when load new image
  • New option: show file information for AVI/MPG/MOV/WAV files
  • New feature: Add subdirectories in Slideshow/Batch dialog
  • The command line option '/c=' is changed to '/convert='
  • Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

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