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IrfanView 2.97


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IrfanView 2.97  Change Log

  • Support for the Photoshop Filter-Factory. Thanks to Michael Johannhanwahr :-)
  • IrfanView's menu: 'Image->Effects->Filter Factory', Hotkey: K
  • Supported are FF (*.8BF) filters. You can find more than 1500 (!!!) such filters at the web site of Steve Fisher:
  • New edit option: Add text to image (into the selection)
  • New: Capability to extract icons from (most) 32-bit EXE/DLL files
  • Saving files as TGA (uncompressed)
  • New menu item: 'View->Random file in directory', Hotkey: CTRL+M
  • New menu item: 'View->No Zoom', Hotkey: CTRL+H
  • New advanced batch option: 'Use aspect ratio' for resize
  • New option: 'Use flat toolbar' in Properties->Others
  • Some minor bugs fixed (animated cursors etc.)

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