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IrfanView 2.22


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IrfanView 2.22  Change Log

  • Support for some special JPEGs (Adobe ...)
  • Improved rotating left/right for black/white and 16-color images
  • Improved Drag&Drop (IrfanView changes immediately to the target directory :-)
  • The option: 'Always fit to desktop for big images' is available again :-)
  • Bugs with some GIFs and PCXs are fixed
  • The animated-GIF dialog moved to 'Properties->Multiple GIF' :-)
  • Jump to the first/last file (after reaching last/first image in directory, - IrfanView jumps to the first/last image in directory)
  • New option: 'Ask to rename if incorrect extension' (in 'Other options')
  • Some minor bugs fixed

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