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IrfanView 3.80


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IrfanView 3.80  Change Log

  • New IPTC PlugIn (allows IPTC editing/saving)
  • Option to edit/save JPG comments (IPTC PlugIn)
  • Option to burn Slideshow to CD (Nero PlugIn, requires Nero Burning ROM)
  • Support for WBZ/WBC formats (Webshots graphics, thanks to V. Paramoshin)
  • Support for OGG sound format (SoundPlayer PlugIn, FMOD)
  • New options in batch scan dialog (increment, digits, scan to multipage TIF)
  • Experimental support for digital camera RAW formats: NEF, ORF, RAF, MRW and DCR (Formats PlugIn, thanks to David Coffin)
  • Sort option for batch dialog files
  • The Median filter is back (Effects PlugIn)
  • New fullscreen option: Stretch all images to screen (properties->viewing)
  • New thumbnail menu: Start batch dialog with selected thumbs
  • New thumbnail menu: JPG lossless transformation with selected thumbs
  • Improved HTML export (HTML browsing added)
  • Added some options to Slideshow-EXE, press F1 key (Extract images)
  • New command line option: /sharpen=value Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /sharpen=33 => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and apply sharpen (value 33)
  • New command line option: /hide=x; hide toolbar, status bar, menu or caption Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /hide=1 => Open 'c:\test.jpg', hide window toolbar (read "i_options.txt" for more)
  • Improved TIF/CLP/JPG reading
  • Improved ICO reading (multiple ICO handled as other multipage formats)
  • New INI-Option for Administrators (check Help->FAQs)
  • These PlugIns are changed/added, please install the newest versions:
  • CRW, DJVU, ECW, Effects, EXIF, Flash, Formats, IPTC, JPG2000, Slideshow, JPG-Transformation, SFF, Video, SoundPlayer, Nero
  • Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

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