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Feed Demon  Change Log

* Added: "Recommendations" report shows recommended feeds and posts (powered by Google Reader's new Explore feature)
* Added: Bandwidth optimizations added to Google Reader synchronization (most noticeable on slower connections)
* Added: Significantly faster tag synching, especially when a large number of tags exist
* Added: Numerous improvements to accuracy of popular topics
* Changed: Prefetch now defaults to skipping items older than 10 days instead of older than 5 days
* Changed: Subscription search now defaults to not doing whole word search
* Changed: Dropped separate panic dialog which appears when too many unread items exist in Google Reader
* Changed: "# items to display per page" now permits showing a single item per page
* Fixed: Crash when synching tags
* Fixed: Panic button displays a second time if a lot of unread posts still exist after it runs
* Fixed: ETags aren't quoted in If-None-Match headers
* Fixed: Unicode characters in item links not correctly escaped prior to navigation in browser
* Fixed: Unicode hints don't display correctly in status bar
* Fixed: After deleting all items from a feed, some of those items re-appear the next time the feed is updated
* Fixed: News item list doesn't reflect new items received while FeedDemon was minimized
* Fixed: Silent install still pops up license agreement notice
* Fixed: Blue Vista newspaper style shows "Subscriptions\Clippings Folders" at the top left when shared items selected
* Fixed: Hitting "Next Unread" on last unread folder marks folder read but doesn't remove it from view
* Fixed: Exception when selecting a feed in unread folder view when selected folder has just been marked read
* Fixed: Subscription search fails when search term contains an asterisk
* Fixed: Tags get re-added to items in watches if those items came from synched feeds and the watch was created by converting search results
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to handle (rare) CAPTCHA challenge when logging into Google Reader
* Fixed: Incorrectly hyperlinking of URLs in synched Twitter feeds containing right-to-left text
* Fixed: FeedDemon permits the creation of non-synched folder names containing characters that aren't permitted by Google Reader, which causes problems if the folder is later synched

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