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Feed Demon RC  Change Log

* Added: "Panic Button" - detects when you have a ton of unread items and offers to mark them (or a subset of them) as read. Select Tools|Hit the Panic Button to configure or run manually
* Added: "Export Subscriptions" now enables exporting as APML (experimental)
* Added: Significant performance improvements in feed updating
* Added: Feed reports can now be grouped by folder
* Added: Smarter popup killer in embedded browser
* Added: Folders are now animated when they contain feeds that are being updated
* Added: Smarter detection and handling of file access errors due to low disk space, unavailable USB drives, etc. (111807)
* Added: Additional performance improvements in newspaper and report generation
* Changed: Switched position of close and move buttons on inline search bar
* Changed: Removed Ctrl+J newspaper shortcut
* Fixed: Empty newspaper shows "Page 1 of 0" in the status bar
* Fixed: No default folder selected in subscription wizard
* Fixed: First post not focused after switching newspaper pages
* Fixed: Missing feed icon when importing OPML that has no folders
* Fixed: Wrapped display of very long feed titles in Subscriptions Home
* Fixed: Subscription home page doesn't refresh after FeedDemon detects posts were marked read in another location
* Fixed: Enclosure shown on separate line when in surfer headlines view
* Fixed: Ampersands don't display correctly on delete folder confirmation
* Fixed: "Mark page read" missing from status bar when newspaper has more than 99 pages
* Fixed: When FeedDemon is minimized, it fails to start FeedStation as minimized when auto-downloading new enclosures

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