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Feed Demon RC11  Change Log

* Added: Performance improvements when browsing inside FeedDemon, and when FeedDemon is restored after being minimized
* Added: "Download additional languages" added to Languages submenu (page will be updated with available language files after the final release of v3.0)
* Added: FeedDemon now checks whether you have over 2000 unread items in Google Reader, and if so it asks whether to mark some of them as read before synching (similar to the "Panic Button," but items are marked read in Google Reader directly)
* Changed: FeedDemon now warns before adding a tag with the same name as an existing folder (necessary since Google Reader treats folders as tags)
* Changed: When an item is shared, it's no longer marked unread when added to your shared items
* Changed: Removed the workaround added in build to resolve problem where Google Reader sends FeedDemon more starred items than it actually has (apologies for people who are experiencing this problem, but the workaround was preventing other customers from getting older starred items)
* Changed: "Open new tabs in the background" has been removed and replaced with "Always switch to new tabs when they are created" to more closely mimic default browser behavior (links are opened in a background tab when CTRL is held unless this setting is enabled)
* Fixed: Flag icons appearing in various places where star icons should appear
* Fixed: Double-clicking the news item list opens the wrong external link if the mouse is moved before the second click completes
* Fixed: Exception caused by feeds updating while database is being compacted
* Fixed: "Update Shared Items" context menu item doesn't work
* Fixed: Unicode favorites don't display correctly and fail to navigate to URL
* Fixed: In rare cases, FeedDemon would stop synching until it's restarted
* Fixed: Watches appear to miss new items in synched feeds
* Fixed: Crash at startup if cache folder no longer exists
* Fixed: When renaming a synched tag, the tag gets renamed in FeedDemon even when it fails to be renamed in Google Reader
* Fixed: FeedDemon fails to show synched tags that have the same name as a synched folder but use different casing (ex: "local" vs "Local")

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