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Feed Demon RC7  Change Log

* Added: Conversion to Google Reader is now done in a separate thread
* Added: Tray icon tooltip now includes unread count
* Added: Subscription report now includes a reminder to compact FeedDemon's database when it's highly fragmented
* Added: Reworked Folder Properties to more closely match Feed Properties, added "Enable," "Exclude from all watches" and "Collect attention data" checkboxes
* Added: Subscription Home now includes link to HTTP error report if any HTTP errors exit
* Added: Behavior of spacebar in the newspaper can now be customized (Tools | Keyboard Shortcuts | Newspaper)

* Changed: "Quick Tag" menu has been redesigned - suggested tags are shown in blue, existing tags are bolded
* Changed: Resync moved to first tab in synchronization options, "Advanced" tab renamed to "Account," "Disable synchronization" renamed to "Remove account"
* Changed: HTTP error report now skips disabled feeds
* Changed: Newspaper debug setting no longer saved between sessions (defaults to off)

* Fixed: FeedStation fails to clean up old temporary files
* Fixed: Crash at startup in some environments
* Fixed: Folder properties doesn't enable entering more than two digits in the update frequency setting
* Fixed: FeedStation fails to follow more than two redirects, causing problems with feeds like those from Scientific American whose enclosure URLs redirect more than twice
* Fixed: Synchronization options dialog doesn't save changes to settings before performing resync
* Fixed: "Rerun watch" doesn't skip feeds excluded from all watches
* Fixed: "Check My Podcasts Now" shouldn't appear on FeedStation's tray icon menu
* Fixed: "Add Subscription" sometimes fails with valid feeds if the previous feed was invalid

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