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Feed Demon RC  Change Log

* Changed: Keyboard shortcuts dialog now warns when assigning a shortcut which uses the shift key plus an alphanumeric key (ex: Shift+V), since doing so may interfere with normal typing. (119236)
* Changed: Ctrl+B (set focus to browser) now highlights the first item in a newspaper when no item is currently highlighted
* Changed: FeedDemon's attention algorithm now includes items opened in a new tab or in an external browser
* Fixed: "Bad variable type" exception on Windows 2000 when saving subscriptions (119085)
* Fixed: No warning when attempting to add to a synched clippings folder when working offline
* Fixed: Sort in reverse toolbutton requires two clicks if FeedDemon was previously closed with sort in reverse enabled
* Fixed: Unsynched feeds won't update any more frequently than the polling frequency set in FeedDemon's synchronization options

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