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Feed Demon Beta  Change Log

* Added: "Prefetch Options" now enables changing prefetch settings on a per-feed basis, and also enables performing an automatic refresh after every update
* Added: Single-key newspaper shortcuts can now be customized (Tools|Keyboard Shortcuts)
* Added: FeedDemon's newspaper now permits a subset of inline styles in feed content (previous versions stripped all style attributes)
* Added: "Feed Attention" added to reports
* Added: "Export Feeds" now enables selecting multiple folders
* Added: Tooltips on browser tabs now show the full page title when it's too long to fit on the tab
* Added: "Max items to prefetch" added to prefetch settings (default is 500)
* Added: "Include when prefetching unread items" added to Advanced tab in folder properties
* Added: When synchronized with NewsGator Enterprise, feed login dialog now includes the option to "Authenticate using my NGES login"
* Added: Substantial performance improvements in "Popular Topics" report
* Added: Performance improvements in newspaper rendering
* Added: "Popular in Everyone's Subscriptions" section of popular topics report now includes excerpts
* Added: News bin dialog now enables emailing shared feed URL
* Added: "Prefetch complete" added to sound options
* Added: When working offline, uncached links in newspapers now show "not available offline" in their tooltips
* Added: When working offline, URLs in the Favorites menu are grayed out if they're not available offline
* Added: "Show balloon tips in tray" added to FeedStation's options (110102)
* Added: "Import Feeds" now shows a list of feeds that could not be imported due to connection errors, etc. (106379)
* Added: Favicons added to reports
* Added: FeedDemon's subscription wizard now detects when a feed requires cookie-based authentication

* Changed: "News Bins" have been renamed "Clippings" for consistency with other NewsGator applications
* Changed: The "[More]" links in Surfer newspaper style and Popular Topics now expand the article inline
* Changed: Prefetch progress/status now appears within the main form rather than in a separate dialog
* Changed: Attention algorithm updated, and now includes "explicit" feed clicks (that is, direct clicks on a feed as opposed to actions such as "Next" which automatically navigate to a feed) and followed links (links clicked within a post's description which aren't links to the actual post)
* Changed: "Max links to prefetch per item" prefetch setting now defaults to 3 instead of 5
* Changed: Updating is now paused while the options or sync settings dialogs are displayed
* Changed: In previous versions, the thumbnail image to the right of an article (shown in the newspaper when using "surfer" style, and also in popular topics) would link to the full image. This has been changed so that it links to the actual article instead.
* Changed: FeedDemon now automatically cleans up its temporary files every two hours instead of only at shutdown (110897)
* Changed: Simplified and cleaned-up "Subscription Home" report
* Changed: Simplified the subscription wizard
* Changed: "Find Feeds" step in the subscription wizard now sorts results by subscriber count, and weeds out most search engine feeds

* Fixed: When viewing a newspaper, unclosed HTML tags from one post "bleed" into subsequent posts (93571)
* Fixed: Expired NewsGator Online accounts aren't detected, and customer isn't provided a way to renew their expired account (112234)
* Fixed: If FeedDemon crashes, unread/flagged state changes that weren't synched with NewsGator before the crash never get synched
* Fixed: Line breaks removed from single item newspaper
* Fixed: Enclosure icon missing from Expando style
* Fixed: Can't subscribe to or update Atom feeds containing GeoRSS data (93578)
* Fixed: SOAP error when external DTD unavailable (93546)
* Fixed: Exception when clicking a link to an unknown document type (93782)
* Fixed: EVariantTypeCastError when navigating invalid URLs (94005)
* Fixed: Exception when saving a downloaded favicon immediately after returning from hibernation (93976)
* Fixed: Incoming links failing to appear on some dual monitor systems (94392)
* Fixed: Exception in dxBar when opening FeedDemon (93908)
* Fixed: Nothing happens when clicking "Next" if Watches or News Bin header is selected
* Fixed: Selecting "Mark all feeds read" from desktop alert doesn't repaint subscriptions
* Fixed: "BodyFormat" exception when attempting to email a post using Outlook 2000 or earlier (94637)
* Fixed: Exception when emailing a post from FeedDemon when Outlook is the default email client but no Outlook profile has been created yet (95387)
* Fixed: Entities aren't converted in feed titles when displayed in subscription list
* Fixed: Attention algorithm doesn't include clicks on "Popular Topics" report
* Fixed: Deleted "Popular Topic" items re-appear when navigating backwards due to browser caching (94366)
* Fixed: Group headers don't resize smoothly in newspaper (Surfer)
* Fixed: Files associated with the "Play" command fail to open when double-clicked in FeedStation (10186)
* Fixed: "Resynchronize" doesn't reset ng:token for synched news bins
* Fixed: Invalid sync token prevents synched news bin from receiving new posts
* Fixed: Error when attempting to add local content to a synched news bin
* Fixed: FeedDemon's browser tabs don't correctly display Unicode characters (79346)
* Fixed: Subscription search dialog loads slowly due with large number of feeds (100+) that have favicons
* Fixed: Feed isn't removed from "unread feed/folder view" when posts were marked read outside of FeedDemon (92988)
* Fixed: When "unread folder view" is selected, sometimes a recently updated feed with unread items fails to appear (74045)
* Fixed: In FeedStation, hitting doesn't open the selected download (107866)
* Fixed: Progress bar on connection test fails to update on Windows Vista (108159)
* Fixed: Subscriptions don't automatically scroll when drag operation is near top or bottom of tree
* Fixed: Auto-discovery list doesn't convert HTML entities (108617)
* Fixed: Atom feed entries that don't contain a title never appear in the newspaper
* Fixed: "EVariantTypeCastError" when auto-discovering feed during browser navigation (109757)
* Fixed: Unicode feeds containing a malformed trail byte display as ASCII (84850)
* Fixed: Prefetch spikes the CPU at 100%
* Fixed: Sporadic exceptions when selecting from favorites menu
* Fixed: Performance decrease due to invalid favicons

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