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Azureus  Change Log

New Features:

  • UIvz | Added column to detail the linkage between content and associated subscription, where present


  • Core | Remove restriction on uniqueness of subscriptions names
  • Core | Add popularity to subscription properties and size better
  • Core | Impose lower limits on download and upload when auto-speed running
  • Core | Reduce subscription publication concurrency
  • Core | Reduce acceptance of inaccurate DHT store operations
  • Core | Auto-download content when marked as unread in an auto-download enabled subscription
  • UIvz | Image on left of search box now activates search when clicked
  • UIvz | Toolbar's Show Text state now remembered across sessions
  • UIvz | Classic users upgrading via the installer will start up in My Library in small mode (classic My Torrents View). Previously, only Advanced UI users got this.
  • UIvz | If you hold the mouse down for a period of time on Up and Down toolbar items, it will move the selected items to the top/bottom (this was present in 4000, but now the tooltip says it)
  • UIvz | Added tooltip to subscription wizard to show more details on subscription
  • UIvz | Drop into edit mode after creating an RSS subscription
  • UIvz | Reduce size shown for downloads to 3 digits max for subscriptions and searches
  • UIVz | In Library view fix sort so 'new' entries do sort to top
  • Plug | Reduce derived tracker targets by raising swarm size limits

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | Fix auto-subscription of DHT located singleton subscriptions
  • Core | Subscription to already cached, unsubscribed subscriptions wasn't working
  • Core | Fix 100% CPU problem due to unsafe HashSet modification
  • Core | Remove duplicate results from subscriptions
  • Core | Report subscription creation errors to user
  • Core | If a subscription was deleted which being processed it used to report errors
  • Core | Set subscription popularity on selection
  • UIvz | Fixed missing of all incomplete-specific and complete-specific torrent columns in My Library in ig mode
  • UIvz | If you previously chose top bar to be visible, and you aren't in advanced user mode, there was no way to remove top bar. Fixed by not showing top bar in non-advanced user mode
  • UIvz | Fixed sidebar sash disappearing when moving beyond minimum size
  • UIvz | Fixed Close All Details menu item always being disabled
  • UIvz | Fixed extremely slow Library view when one column was animating
  • UI | Table cells with cutoff text should show tooltip now
  • UI | Fixed copying cell's text to clipboard
  • UI | Info tab in Torrent Details now displays some columns that it couldn't before
  • UI | Clear log view widgets when not visible to reduce memory
  • UI | Fix sub tabs in Torrent Details view not remembering their view after restoring from min. state

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