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Azureus  Change Log

New Features:

  • Core | Added experimental support for LibTorrent extension protocol handshake
  • UI | Added available disk space indicators to the torrent open dialog (requires Java 1.6)
  • UI | Added handshake reserved bytes column in peer view
  • UI | Added Open Transfer Bar on start and Remember Transfer Bar location options
  • UI | Added http-seed config to torrent creation wizard
  • UIv3 | Embedded Media Player


  • Core | Speedup hash-checking by ~30% / less CPU usage
  • Core | More improvements to client identification code
  • UI | Provide both per-torrent and across-torrents speed menu options
  • UI | Speed improvements for menu generation and changing file priority in Files view
  • Plug | Plugins can now dynamically register language resource bundles
  • UI | Allow minibars to stick to any screen border in multi monitor setups

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | Fixed bug when trying to add torrents with semi-colon characters in filename
  • Core | LAN peer detection for explicit IP addresses was broken

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