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Azureus  Change Log

New Features:

  • Core | Added method to XFS specific allocation of new files
  • Core | Added per-torrent max seeds parameter
  • Core | Added per-torrent max peers parameter
  • UI | Total file size added to Open Torrent Window
  • UI | Option to show complete downloads with incomplete do not download files in the download area
  • UI | Added custom user comment field
  • UI | Added file extension column in files view
  • UI | Spinners for config field that take numbers
  • UI | Setting for Minimum # of Simultaneous Active Downloads to have running at any given time
  • UI | Console UI NAT test
  • UI | Option to have separate rename and retarget menu items in Files view
  • Plug | Plugins can now create submenus.
  • Plug | Added code to allow plugins to get text input from a user in non-UI specific way.
  • Plug | Plugins now have better support to organise file data within default save directories.
  • Plug | Plugins can now easily add hyperlinks to config sections.


  • Core | Improve the presence handling for torrents created by ourselves
  • Core | Less memory footprint
  • Core | Faster startup for large torrent lists (and no naughty plugins)
  • Core | Download up/down idle counts now persisted over restart
  • UI | Open torrent windows now always has OK button enabled with warning message if pressed when in invalid state
  • UI | Remove nag/donation window
  • UI | Differentiate between libTorrent (Rakshasa) and libtorrent (Rasterbar)
  • UI | For multi-file torrents, icon in name column displays icon for largest file (+ a little folder icon)
  • UI | Faster filtering when torrent list is large
  • UI | Better logic when preventing a user deselecting files to download from Open Torrent window

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | If clipboard has just a or \ in it the open-torrents dialog won't open
  • Core | Setting of UDP port not working
  • Core | Less flipping of downloads from queued <--> downloading during the time a FP seed is forced active
  • Core | Fix memory leak causing slow, but eventual OOM and slow down of Azureus
  • Core | OSX: Handle volume not mounted on startup by erroring instead of creating a directory in /Volumes
  • Core | Fix to stop already complete downloads being moved by move-on-completion rules
  • UI | Fix (some) painting issues in pieces+files view
  • UI | Fix to allow negative values for Multi-monitor window positions
  • UI | Fixed memory leak in Mr Slidey code
  • UI | Fix UI loss when clicking delete from icon bar while in Details view
  • Plug | Fixed bug where some listeners for table columns were not registered properly.

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