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Azureus  Change Log


  • Full scrape of embedded tracker now supported
  • Better peer client identification
  • Added AZ version + torrent size to stats
  • Added 'comment' field to torrent create
  • Moving of .torrent to completed dir now optional
  • Additional upload speed options
  • Cleanup of Configuration tabs
  • Rewrite of locale selection code for torrents. Only one encoding allowed per torrent
  • File->Open... now opens to the default download/torrent dirs set in config
  • ETA/TimeRemaining now uses just two significant measures, and kB changed to KB

Corrected bugs:

  • Torrent hosting - resetting of tracker url to original after hosting cancelled
  • Allow for torrent files with '.tor' extention
  • Renamed file not reused after torrent Stop-Start: Bug #842750
  • No longer deletes files if the 'completed' dir points to the download dir: Bug #842896
  • Fast resume data no longer duplicated
  • File 'downloads.config' kept better up-to-date
  • % Completed is now correct again in MyTorrents view on stopped downloads
  • Non-UTF8 encoded 'comment' fields in torrents not showing properly
  • Some dead-lock issues (especially on startup)
  • Better recovery on connection closing
  • Uncleaned buffers in peer handling code
  • Outgoing message correctness verification
  • Text scroll is now ok in irc view
  • Size is now displayed even when the torrent is stopped
  • Sorting by 'Discarded', 'Overall Down Speed', 'Stat Up' in Details view
  • Torrent 'discarded' and 'hash fails' now remembered between sessions
  • Corrected sorting by DownSpeed, UpSpeed, ETA in MyTorrents view
  • Irc input text area gets focus correctly now
  • On Windows bundle, systray4.dll as been updated to support chinese characters

New Features:

  • Added tooltip general support
  • Default torrent encoding selection added to Config->File
  • Public tracker support - config item allows external use of tracker

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