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Azureus  Change Log


  • Some GUI Changes, so that SWT WinXP theme is better supported
  • Saving of torrent files to central dir now optional
  • Checking after crash now remembers Fast Resume data
  • Internal refactorization of core classes
  • More logging of reasons for connection closed

Corrected bugs:

  • Fixed snub/unsnub multiple peers on the peers list
  • Save file dialog now opens as a 'save' dialog, and not 'open' (for OSX)
  • DNS name resolution caching no longer infinite
  • Better recovery checking of partially-allocated files
  • Re-check file(s) integrity after completion
  • Max torrent file size was limited to 1MB - limit removed
  • Fix for several exceptions thrown during socket reads/writes
  • Fix for exception thrown when peer sends an invalid bitfield
  • AZ was reporting cumulative upload/download stats to tracker - should be per session
  • Fix for handling single data files larger than 2GB
  • Corrected socket writing
  • Weren't sending complete event to tracker on download->seeding transition

New Features:

  • Disable (per torrent) the auto priority setting when seeding
  • Disable (per torrent) the rules to start / stop a seeding torrent
  • Move files to a directory upon completion
  • Slowly establish new connections to peers (for those with internet disconnection issues)
  • Bind to local IP address
  • Export/import torrent file to/from XML file
  • Export of runtime statistics to XML file
  • Hosting of torrents using built-in tracker
  • Trackers used in the 'make torrent' wizard are now remembered.
  • Embedded tracker
  • Enhanced peer client identification
  • Publishing of torrents to tracker (as opposed to hosting them)
  • Choosable color for the progress bars
  • Plugin support
  • Open a torrent file without using the default save location
  • Added a FAQ and a Donate link in Help menu

Internationalisation: Brazilian-Portuguese, Czech, Lithuanian

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