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Azureus  Change Log

New Features:

  • QUEUED status. Torrents that are queued are stopped, but available for automatic starting
  • Partial support for Read-Only data (for seeding)
  • Added Forced-Start to force a torrent to start, ignoring download limits or seeding rules
  • Auto-positioning of finished torrent based on how badly the torrent needs seeding
  • Added Availability, Seeding Rank, SavePath, Max # Uploads, and Total Speed columns to My Torrents view
  • Categories to group your torrents in (right click on My Torrents and select Set Category to get started)
  • More auto-seeding options
  • Ability to limit maximum number of file handles open/in-use at any given time
  • Tracker - various performance enhancements such as announce/scrape caching. Tested to 500,000 peers on single torrent
  • Tracker activity logging to %azhome%/tracker.log
  • Tracker bytes in/out + scrapes recorded
  • Tracker - ability to limit number of peers returned
  • Share ratio now shown on tracker web pages
  • Tracker/client support for o_peer_id spec for bandwidth savings
  • More plugin stuff - alert raising, ipfilter reloading, various other stuff
  • Applet UI enhanced into usable state (start/stop/add/remove downloads) + auto refresh
  • Added torrent hashes for G2 + ED2K (ala
  • Added colours to file view to show: grey -> requested; red -> data recently written


  • Split torrents in My Torrents view into 2 lists: Downloading and Seeding (Completed)
  • STOPPED status now means the torrent never auto-starts
  • Moved icon from Rank column to Name column
  • Removed Lock Priority. No longer an issue since priority only gets autochanged once
  • Remove Lock Start/Stop menu option. Stop now means no auto-starting/stopping
  • Re-design of Configuration view
  • Language files ( are read in the following order: Azureus user directory, Azureus application directory, JAR file
  • Remember sorted column and order for all views
  • Core performance optimizations and major cpu usage reductions
  • User prompt when (1) tracker listens fails (2) incoming server port bind fails
  • Config files/dirs and plugins now stored in OS user dir (Win: C:\\Documents and Settings\\username\\Application Data\\Azureus\\, OSX: /Users/username/Library/Azureus/, Linux: /home/username/Azureus/)
  • Tracker log now includes date as well as time

Corrected bugs:

  • Once a torrent is complete, and you remove the data, it wil no longer start downloading again when seeding rules are on
  • 1st column of MyTorrents no longer has a gap if there's no icon. (Windows Only Bug)
  • Fix for download stalls at 99% / 100% cpu usage bug introduced in 2070
  • Fix for minimize/close causing the program to disappear from view under OSX
  • Fix for icon bar buttons not being flat (Bug #890166) [Gudy]
  • More reliable .config and .torrent file save/load management
  • Better handling of failures when performing move on complete
  • Handle torrent file names with trailing spaces and CR/NL (from Mac)

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