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Total Commander 8.00 beta 10  Change Log

- Added: Send WM_COPYDATA with dwData='G'+256*'W': Same as with 'G'+256*'A', but data is returned as UTF-16 Unicode. dwData of return is 'R'+256*'W' (32/64)
- Added: Send WM_COPYDATA with dwData='G'+256*'A' and lpData pointing to command to get back WM_COPYDATA with various info. Supported commands A: Active side (returns L or R), or two byte command: first byte: L=left, R=right, S=source, T=target. Second byte: P=current path, C=list count, I=caret index, N=name of file under caret. dwData of return is 'R'+256*'A' (32/64)
- Added: New environment variable %COMMANDER_EXE% pointing to the Total Commander program (totalcmd.exe or totalcmd64.exe) (32/64)
- Fixed: FTP, delete connection: Function wanted to delete also the item below the deleted one (64)
- Fixed: Footer not updated in the following special case: Brief view, Cursor down, Ctrl+A, Insert, Ctrl+Num+"-", Cursor up (64)
- Fixed: Log file rotation by date (daily after midnight) not working (64)
- Added: When dragging mail from Outlook to TC, and a mail with the same name existed, TC only offered to retry or abort (32/64)
- Fixed: Press ENTER in autocomplete dropdown list in various dialogs (e.g. change button bar) -> dialog was closed (64)
- Added: Allow to use 64-bit plugins also when the wincmd.ini is read only, so the [???64] sections cannot be written (64)
- Added: Start TC with a larger default size if the size wasn't saved, make sure the window isn't partially hidden by the task bar (32/64)
- Fixed: TC could crash on Windows XP with cleartype enabled (64)
- Fixed: Icons of file system plugins not loaded if the path to the plugin contained an environment variable (64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AlwaysAsAdmin=1: Once the user has confirmed any operation with "All as administrator", this is applied to all other file operations too until tcmadmin is unloaded (32/64)
- Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with Alt+F9 to a protected folder not working with option "Unpack each archive to a separate subdir" (32/64)
- Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with Alt+F9 to a protected folder created one progress dialog per file, didn't remove them all (32/64)
- Fixed: Last used packer was not read from ini value LastUsedPacker when packing files from one archive into another (64)
- Fixed: Closing standalone synchronize dialog could sometimes take more than a second (64)
- Fixed: Multi-rename tool: F2 list was not sorted by name (64)
- Added: Alt+F10 tree: If TreeFileLocation isn't set, save the tree in the same location as the thumbnail cache in the following cases: 1. network shares, 2. the drive containing the windows directory (revert to default with TreeFileLocation=%R%treeinfo.wc) (32/64)
- Added: Find files, load/save search: Put character '>' in "Search for" or "Search in" box and save the search -> when loading, the field with this character is NOT loaded (32/64)
- Added: Alt+F3 or F4: If the editor isn't found, show the name of the program which isn't found (32/64)
- Added: Verify CRC checksums: Allows to check the checksum of a single file by putting the checksum in the clipboard and using Files - Check CRC checksums with the file to be checked (32/64)
- Fixed: ESC or clicking outside inplace rename box renamed the file anyway (64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] InplaceOkButton=0 turns off the button to confirm the inplace rename (32/64)
- Added: Show button to the right of the inplace rename edit box to confirm the renaming with the mouse (32/64)
- Added: Lister: Jump to bookmark in html when loading from command line e.g. TOTALCMD.EXE /S=L:T5 file.html#bookmark (32/64)
- Added: Synchronize dirs: Show number of filtered out files in the footer (right side) with filter icon (32/64)
- Added: New internal command cm_100Percent to show one panel at full width (32/64)
- Added: Support SSL-encrypted ftp server to server transfers by sending the server the SSCN ON command if the server reports it via FEAT, otherwise try CPSV (32/64)
- Added: Connect to FTP or HTTP: Always try all IP addresses as long as connections fail. By default, this will now also support IPv6 on Windows Vista/7 (turn off with PreferIPv6=-2) (32/64)
- Added: Support environment variables also in ignore list (32/64)
- Fixed: FTP, add new connection: Connection not added when closing dialog with ENTER (64)
- Fixed: Default beep when closing command browser with ENTER or ESC with cursor in search box (64)
- Fixed: The position of the command browser (e.g. when clicking on magnifying glass icon in "Change button bar") was not remembered (64)
- Fixed: XP only: With InactiveFocus=1, starting quick search with search dialog could leave behind an inactive cursor (32)
- Fixed: Totalcmd crashing on ReactOS (reason: problems with ANSI calls to Unicode combobox) (32)
- Added: Lister (F3): Use Irfanview/Xnview to load internally supported image type (e.g. *.bmp, *.jpg) if it is listed in IViewAdditionalTypes variable (32/64)
- Fixed: Tab key not working in dialog box "compare by content" to switch to up/down button (64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Lister] AutoRotate=0 turns off automatic rotation of JPG images according to the EXIF orientation value (32/64)
- Added: Compare by content: Show compare progress bar and percent done in footer (32/64)
- Fixed: Compare by content: Increase load speed (slowdown caused by try..except block) (64)
- Fixed: Numerical values from wincmd.ini were not read if there was text behind them, e.g. comments in the form ;this is a comment (reason: bug in Lazarus function val) (64)
- Fixed: Compare by content: "Copy to clipboard" in ANSI text not working (64)
- Fixed: Lister: End key in large images (>1000 pixels high) didn't jump to the very bottom (32/64)
- Fixed: Lister: Memory leak loading images via GDI+ (32)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Comments of folders were not deleted with the folders (when option to copy comments with files was set) (32/64)
- Fixed: Shift+F6 rename in full view: Edit box had wrong width when not using the default (show as bytes) for the size column (32/64)
- Fixed: Lister: F5 key was handled twice, once by the menu hotkey, and again by onKeyDown (64)
- Fixed: Pressing TAB in auto-complete window selected first item from the list even if none was selected (or the next item if one was selected) (64)

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