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Total Commander 7.50 beta 8 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Total Commander 7.50 beta 8  Change Log

* Fixed: Ctrl+Z Edit comment sometimes not working, sometimes even working for [..]
Added: New internal command with parameters: OPENCUSTOMVIEW custom_columns_view_title switches to the first custom columns view with the specified name.
* Fixed: Access violation in tree update thread
* Added: Show small progress bar in cursor also when right clicking on current path to indicate that there are 2 possible context menus
* Fixed: Show small progress bar in cursor not working with semi-transparent cursors
* Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ContextProgress=0 allows to turn off progress bar before showing context menu (in right mouse button selection mode)
* Fixed: Starting standalone sync tool with parameter /O=%L -> option "only selected" could not be unselected
* Fixed: Button bar, start menu: %Z didn't work as the very first parameter
* Fixed: Lister, Unicode text view: Double click on last word in text (with no line break after it) didn't select the very last character

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