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Total Commander 7.50 beta 6  Change Log

25.06.09 Fixed: Lister started via /S=L switch: The exception dialog didn't show the stack trace
25.06.09 Fixed: External quick search with tcmatch.dll: Options from MatchGetSetOptions were only applied to second call of MatchFileW
24.06.09 Fixed: Installer: When installing to c:\somedir, also TC copies started from c:\somedir2 were closed
24.06.09 Fixed: Cursor on file in left panel, while right panel shows a CAB file which does NOT contain that file, choose "Compare by content" -> entire CAB was unpacked to TEMP
24.06.09 Fixed: Prevent strange characters from appearing in command line also when user presses just Alt+ one of these: Arrow keys, PageUp/Down, Home, End
24.06.09 Fixed: Keyboard hotkeys in dialog boxes not always working with internal English texts (no language file)
23.06.09 Fixed: Button bar configuration dialog: Don't offer option "show as menu" for OPENBAR command
23.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with option "empty subdirs": Button "Synchronize" disabled after clicking on directional buttons when only subdirs (no files) are marked for selection
23.06.09 Added: Main configuration dialog: "Download" button on "Language" page. This button remains intentionally untranslated
23.06.09 Added: Find files: Allow to view a file with F3 also in archives if the search function doesn't currently search in an archive
23.06.09 Added: Find files: Enable "Feed in listbox" button also when no files in archives were found although that option was enabled
23.06.09 Fixed: Lister, cursor turned off: Search started 1 character after the first in the displayed area instead of starting with the first character
22.06.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog, ftp log window, check CRC checksums: Moved text 2 pixels to the right
22.06.09 Fixed: Directory sizes lost when sorting dirs by size and switching away from TC and back
22.06.09 Fixed: Couldn't minimize standalone sync started via /S=S parameter
21.06.09 Fixed: While minimized to tray, Alt+Tab window didn't support Unicode yet
21.06.09 Fixed: Installer only closed the first instance when multiple copies of Total Commander were running
21.06.09 Fixed: Don't show breadcrumb dropdown list while editing the path
21.06.09 Fixed: Key accelerators (underlined characters) didn't work in dialog boxes with non-English characters
19.06.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] VistaDelete=1 enables special delete method to recycle bin on Vista and Windows 7: Directories are moved as a whole to the recycle bin. No warning for read only or hidden/system files!
19.06.09 Fixed: FTP via Proxy method "HTTP CONNECT" didn't send "Host:" header in its request
19.06.09 Fixed: Could not delete directory to which a drive was redirected with SUBST, and later deleted while TC was running
19.06.09 Added: Added separate ANSI and Unicode versions of cm_SaveSelectionToFile and cm_SaveDetailsToFile to create ANSI file lists on NT-based systems and Unicode file lists on 9x-based systems (normally it's the other way round)
18.06.09 Added: Use new Vista delete method via IFileOperation also when deleting single files, replacing SHFileOperation
17.06.09 Added: New delete method for Windows Vista to delete to recycle bin using the new IFileOperation object, much faster than SHFileOperation
17.06.09 Fixed: Prevent strange characters from appearing in command line when user presses Alt+Shift+ or Alt+Ctrl+ one of these: Arrow keys, PageUp/Down, Home, End
16.06.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop from ZIP between two copies of TC: Subdirs couldn't be unpacked this way. Now non-empty subdirs can be unpacked
16.06.09 Added: Set location and name of tcmatch.dll via wincmd.ini [Configuration] tcmatch= (must contain full path+file name, supports env. vars)
16.06.09 Fixed: Quick search/filter dialog: Don't try to interpret Altgr+Letters as letters only in Alt+Letters mode
16.06.09 Added: Quick search/filter dialog: Handle left/right arrow buttons internally, except in brief view where they are needed to go through columns
16.06.09 Fixed: Browse dir dialog (>> button in Synchronize dirs) didn't set initial dir on NT-based systems
16.06.09 Fixed: Copying single file to multiple target dirs, or one or more files to one selected dir/link didn't work
15.06.09 Added: Manifest: Add new Windows 7-specific section
15.06.09 Fixed: Uninstall: DEFAULT.BR2 and NO.BR2 were not removed (if TC created them)
14.06.09 Fixed: Ctrl+V was no longer updating the file panels after the file was copied
14.06.09 Added: wincmd.ini [ButtonBar] BarLimitLines= limits the number of button rows in the button bar to lines (0=unlimited). The hidden rows can still be accessed via Alt+Shift+F11 and the cursor keys
14.06.09 Fixed: Long names with multiple dots not handled correctly by ToolTip function
14.06.09 Fixed: Don't show option "As Administrator" when trying to enter a directory longer than 1018 characters (the maximum supported)
14.06.09 Fixed: UpdateEnv=0 option wasn't correctly ported from TC 7, so the option was ignored
12.06.09 Fixed: When using any translation, the dialogs to configure Lister plugins and Content plugins showed "Installed File system plugins:" in the text above the list
12.06.09 Fixed: Configuration - button bar no longer showed name of bar

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