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Total Commander 7.55 beta 2  Change Log

- Added: Paste text into quick search dialog (and Ctrl+S dialog) with Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert, as if the user was typing the characters (only works as long as the characters match)
- Fixed: Colors by file type: Also refresh list of user-defined searches when user closes dialog with "X" button (but do not focus it)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs, delete (asymmetric mode): Do not start copy operations if user aborts delete operation
- Fixed: Size calculation with Alt+Shift+Enter: Total size (in footer) was updated in the active panel instead of the calculated panel
- Fixed: Do not limit search to only the directory itself when searching in previous search results
- Fixed: Custom columns view: In search results view (after 'feed to listbox'), TC did not pass the DOS 8.3 names to non-Unicode plugins even if the files had Unicode names
- Fixed: Unpack multiple encrypted zip/rar archives with internal unpacker (Alt+F9): Only ask once for the password (if all use the same)
- Fixed: FTP: Send commands defined in "Send commands" field also in background, can be turned off via SpecialFlags=256 (in wcx_ftp.ini, either section [General] or per connection)
- Fixed: Switch from custom columns view in normal file system to other custom columns view in fs plugin worked only every second time
- Fixed: Thumbnail view: No custom fields shown below file name when switching from custom columns view to thumb view
- Fixed: Thumbnail view with a mix of normal and delay-loaded fields on one line -> values of normal fields could be lost once the delay-loaded fields were loaded
- Fixed: Crash when closing TC while search window in Lister was open
- Fixed: No icon shown for some malformed file types, e.g. no "open" verb defined, and default value of "shell" key not set
- Fixed: FTP: Turn off MLSD and switch to LIST when server returns error "500 Command not understood" or "425 No data connection."
- Fixed: Find files not older than 1 month on 31. March not working (because 31. February doesn't exist...)
- Fixed: TcUsbRun.exe: Auto-elevate itself when user runs it with normal rights on Vista or Windows 7
- Fixed: Compare by content: Subdirs in TEMP dir not deleted when comparing file in archive 2 or more levels deep
- Fixed: Files - change attributes: File colors were reset to black instead of the user-defined foreground color after changing plugin fields
- Fixed: When loading the openssl dlls, set current directory to TC dir to avoid that the dll is loaded from the program's current dir
- Added: CRC check: Support CRC checksums directly in the file names, in the form filename[1234ABCD].ext
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MultiRenameLoadSettings=SavedName load specified settings when opening multi-rename tool (set to some non-existent name to open with default settings)
- Fixed: Re-pack file to archive after editing with F4 -> archive listing not updated if option "Set ZIP date to newest file date" was set, AND the archive contained a file with a time stamp in the future (so that file's time stamp was used instead of the one of the changed file)
- Fixed: Moved handling of separate trees to its own background thread (was handled by icon/overlay/thumbnail thread before)
- Added: Disallow port connection (USB and LPT) by adding 512 to RestrictInterface value (wincmd.ini and/or registry)
- Fixed: F5 copy while other panel shows tree suggested wrong target directory
- Fixed: Lister changed keyboard layout when displaying some RTF files (caused by Windows RTF control)
- Fixed: F7 create directory in packer plugins: Call them exactly as when adding an empty directory with F5 (added missing backslashes)
- Fixed: Show error if user presses Ctrl+PageDown on "<Encrypted -> F5>" item in RAR with encrypted names
- Fixed: CRC check dialog too small if system font size >96 dpi (however, it was correct with OverrideDPI)
- Fixed: Delete empty dirs sometimes failed if a subdir was opened in the opposite panel and "watch directory changes" was enabled
- Fixed: Detect infinite loops in environment variables, e.g. set xx=%xx% , then use cd %xx% in command line
- Fixed: cm_CopyNamesToClip on ftp stores names with trailing slash -> restore with cm_LoadSelectionFromClip (in button bar) failed!
- Fixed: CRC check window not centered over main window if TC shown on secondary screen

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