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Total Commander 7.50 beta 4  Change Log

28.05.09 Fixed: When a disconnected network drive was reconnected, the drive's icon wasn't refreshed in the drive dropdown list
27.05.09 Fixed: Shift+Cursor up/down in drive dropdown list selected file in file list
27.05.09 Fixed: Access violation in icon thread when closing TC with open separate tree (fix should also improve the general stability)
27.05.09 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, branch view: When sorting by name, keep sort order from main window (sort just by name, not by relative path+name)
27.05.09 Fixed: Function to save current selection could crash with file names longer than 511 characters (e.g. in branch view)
27.05.09 Fixed: Quick filter wasn't removed when user opened a new tab by Ctrl+clicking on a button (or Shift+Enter in Ctrl+D menu) when command "cd xyz" was pointing to a file
27.05.09 Fixed: Yes/No button in copy to dir warning dialog not translated
26.05.09 Fixed: Mouse wheel no longer worked in Lister
26.05.09 Fixed: Delete function: Don't turn off "all as admin" once the user has chosen it, even when deleting as admin fails -> "As admin" option doesn't need to be offered multiple times
26.05.09 Fixed: Delete function: The complete operation was aborted when user chose "As admin" for a directory, and the deletion failed also with admin rights
26.05.09 Fixed: When AlwaysUnpackInBackground=1 was set, TC always beeped when unpacking finished - now it only beeps if no custom sound has been defined and the minimum time (default: 10s) is reached
26.05.09 Fixed: Adjust listbox item height to dialog box font height to ensure that all name parts like underscores _ are visible, e.g. in Multi-rename tool
25.05.09 Fixed: Support Unicode characters in file size thousands separator
25.05.09 Fixed: TC no longer noticed environment variable changes (because the notification info was sent in Unicode)
25.05.09 Fixed: (Re-)creation of treeinfo.wc file via Alt+F10 tree could cause access violation (buffer exactly 1 character too short)
24.05.09 Fixed: Drive choose dialog (when drive change failed): Removed black border around drive
24.05.09 Fixed: File lists: Size of folders lost when switching away from TC and back even when nothing was changed
24.05.09 Fixed: Shift+F6 rename in tree -> place cursor on new name
24.05.09 Fixed: Shift+F6 no longer worked with normal directories in main panel tree view
24.05.09 Fixed: Tree view: After renaming a virtual folder (e.g. subdir on the desktop), the old name was again shown when trying to rename again
24.05.09 Fixed: F5 copy: Option "Rename existing target file" didn't work if target dir required admin rights
24.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with an archive, some files in subdirs hidden via arrow buttons, right click on dir, delete -> all files (also hidden) in this dir would be deleted
24.05.09 Fixed: Beep sound was played when pressing Ctrl+character in command line (e.g. Ctrl+E)
22.05.09 Fixed: With TabHeaderThemed=0, the arrows and texts weren't shown at the exact same position as in TC 7.04a
22.05.09 Fixed: If a packer plugin has the "hide" flag (256) set, then internal tools like the checksum checker or UUE/MIME-decoder take precedence over the plugin
22.05.09 Fixed: Windows 9x/ME: Changed sort order "Alphabetical including accents" back to how it was in TC 7.04a (underscores "_" first)
22.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Make sure that selected folders aren't shown in white when the file background is white too
22.05.09 Fixed: Current path bar: Could no longer switch to server share if in root of server (e.g. \\servername -> \\servername\C$) by modifying the path in the title
22.05.09 Fixed: Main config dialog: No more need to close+re-open dialog when switching between Unicode and ANSI language (except when switching back to English)
22.05.09 Fixed: Sometimes there was a crash in watchdir thread when program terminated
20.05.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar, hold down right mouse button before releasing the left -> breadcrumb context menu could be shown
20.05.09 Fixed: Compare dirs (Shift+F2): Listbox scrollbar sometimes shown at the wrong position if text cursor (caret) was outside the visible area
20.05.09 Fixed: No help available in standalone tools started via /S= switch
20.05.09 Added: Support shortcuts Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Shift+Up also on completely empty drives (no '..' item)
19.05.09 Added: Compare by content: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareAlwaysSaveWithBom=1 forces compare tool to always add byte order marker when saving Unicode or UTF-8 files
19.05.09 Added: Compare by content: When saving a file in Unicode or UTF-8 mode, add a byte order marker (BOM) only when the original file had one too
19.05.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: Still some cases where "CWD" was sent instead of "CWD /" (when downloading file from root)
19.05.09 Fixed: Avoid access violation when FTP reconnect failed
19.05.09 Fixed: Uninstaller didn't uninstall some .inc files from the language directory
19.05.09 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs: Preview images, icons and their context menu not working correctly in overwrite dialog
19.05.09 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs: Overwrite dialog+read only dialog not working when copying
19.05.09 Fixed: No error message was shown when user tries to move files from an archive with F6 (which isn't supported)
19.05.09 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Scrolling with mouse produced incorrect background color when smooth scrolling was enabled
19.05.09 Fixed: Lister, different codepage, variable width view: Line breaks were not always shown as dots when the font couldn't display them
19.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect: By mistake, a red lock icon was shown for sites with signed certificate (fix untested)
19.05.09 Added: F5 copy: When copying in the foreground and a target dir with same name as the current file exists, show a checkbox to set the option CopyToDirWarn=0
19.05.09 Added: F5 copy: Allow to turn off warning which is shown when the user enters by hand a dir name which already exists: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CopyToDirWarn=0
17.05.09 Fixed: Lister, search for text: Ignore codepage settings when viewing RTF files, or using a Lister plugin
17.05.09 Fixed: Incorrect handling of thumbnails with Alpha value on Windows XP (error in AlphaBlend function) was causing extra borders
17.05.09 Fixed: Renamed class of Lister back to TLister (so it works again with more plugins)
17.05.09 Fixed: Always refresh overlay icons on F2 or Ctrl+R
17.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog (Ctrl+F): Support multi-character quick search
17.05.09 Fixed: Inplace rename: Scroll renamed item into view, e.g. in brief view when renamed name is only partially visible
17.05.09 Fixed: Reduced length of file description in version info of totalcmd.exe, because it was used by Windows for "open with"
17.05.09 Fixed: Quick filter wasn't removed when command "cd xyz" on a button or in a menu was pointing to a file instead of a directory

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