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RoboForm  Change Log

  • Chrome: fix RF may stop working completely after switching between Chrome profiles and reloading RF extension via Chrome Extension Manager.
  • Chrome: fix Chrome Sign In form is not filled by RoboForm because it is not an html page.
  • Firefox 16+: fix RF does not attach to new Firefox windows (popup or window from link).
  • Windows 8: fix installation issues, fix RoboForm link on Windows Start Page.
  • Start Page: speed up, fix small issues.
  • Do not Auto-Logoff and Sync when 'Store Master Password in System Storage' is on.
  • UI: fix some rare crashes, especially in Japanese UI.
  • Matching Passcards: fix selection may not change after navigation within the same domain.
  • AutoFill from Identities: speed it up.
  • Add Enterprise policy OverridePoliciesForUserGroups and some others.
  • Win 32: fix integration with UltraTax CS 2011.
  • Win 32: fixes in scripted passcards.
  • Public RF SDK: allow more functions to run in trial mode.
  • Filler: fix wrong click on the link in
  • Filler: fix problems at in Chrome.
  • Filler: fix auto-submit problems on DirecTV site.

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