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RoboForm  Change Log

  • Editor: Add Summary View mode: select a folder, click Summary View button.
  • Identity Editor: fix Western Australia (WA AU) changing to Washington (WA US).
  • Automatically activate RF license when syncing with active Everywhere account.
  • Fix RF creates new activation info passcard even if one already exists.
  • Firefox: fix AutoSave does not work sometimes, it happens randomly.
  • Firefox: fix AutoSave bar sometimes appears in the wrong tab.
  • AutoSave Bar: fix OK button is not shown in some cases.
  • AutoSave Bar: fix Virtual Keyboard popup does not close after clicking OK.
  • AutoSave Bar: fix Folder selection button is redrawn with visual artifacts.
  • Firefox 15+: fix FF may crash when pressing back/forward buttons during page loading.
  • Firefox: fix text in AutoSave bar is partially transparent on light backgrounds.
  • Firefox: fix RF shows 'access denied' message when switching on RF integration.
  • Firefox: fix Add To Links command is present in Firefox but adds to IE favorite.
  • Firefox: fix pure RF2Go does not inject into Firefox-based browser.
  • Firefox: set max supported Firefox version to 20.
  • Filler: fix Contact Us page and login for is very slow.
  • Chrome: fix assert happens when AutoFill finds no visible inputs on the page.
  • IE 10: fix RF does not fill user account name on in IE 10 (Win8).
  • Chrome: make keyboard shortcuts work when there is no lower toolbar.
  • Identity Minidialog: memorize instance selection even before Fill button is clicked.
  • Chrome, Opera: fix RF not doing all checks for phishing and sensitive fields.
  • Make RF attach to 64-bit processes from outside, used to be only 32-bit processes.
  • Sync: fix Clear History command does not work - sync restores the erased history.
  • Sync: fix if auto-sync is turned off, popup may come earlier than requested.
  • Editors: fix minor bugs in editing, speed up Japanese text editing.
  • Do not attach to Citi Virtual Account Numbers login box.
  • Import: add import wizard screen showing results.
  • Import: fix import of Chrome bookmarks, get all of them.

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