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RoboForm  Change Log

  • Sync Most Recently Used (MRU) less often, not to overload the server.
  • Sync: fix conflict notification with empty conflict dialog.
  • Sync: do not show 'AutoSync was not started because of no MP' when only MRU is updated.
  • Activation: check RF-EW subscription expiration and inform user if sub has been extended.
  • Fix setting RoboForm Start Page from RF Options Dialog does close browsers.
  • RF Menu: add Clear command to Most Popular list.
  • Chrome: fix Alt-Z filling but not submitting.
  • Chrome, Opera: fix toolbar visibility is not remembered in some cases.
  • Chrome: fix RF does not work with Basic Auth in Chrome ver 20.
  • Win32: Fix 'Fill Non Empty Fields' checkbox is shown in Win32 Passcard MiniDialog.
  • Popup Toolbar: fix mouse wheel does not scroll Search Options shows from Search Box.
  • Fix some rare crashes, esp. on bad time values.
  • Editor: fix editor display issues in Identities and Contacts.
  • Menus: make them open on the left for Right-To-Left languages.

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