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RoboForm 7.5.0


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RoboForm 7.5.0  Change Log

  • Firefox: Brand new Firefox Adapter based on JS, provides better integration with Firefox.
  • Firefox: Add support for Firefox 7, now support will be automatic for all new Firefox versions.
  • Firefox: Remove old XPCOM-based binary Adapter.
  • Firefox: now all themes and personas are supported by new RoboForm Adapter.
  • Firefox: implement external attachment of new Adapter to Firefox for RoboForm2Go.
  • Firefox: retrieve site icons from Firefox database, for Passcard icons.
  • Master Password: new scheme to enforce the same Master Password for all passcards.
  • RoboForm Everywhere: Improve embedded synchronizer, based on latest GoodSync.
  • Everywhere Sync: fix crash in conflict resolution.
  • Licenses: do not drop old RF Everywhere activation, from versions 7.0.0 to 7.3.2.
  • Fix detaching of RF Watcher from some windows on shutdown.
  • Fix integration of RoboForm with Lunascape, related to RF Watcher.
  • Allow domain equivalence for IP addresses in URLs.
  • Fix form filling bugs in JS form filler.
  • Fix integration with Digital Persona, it can fill RF Master Password now.
  • Editor: fix bad scrolling of Custom Fields.
  • Fix crash in email sender.
  • Fix keyboard shortcut recognition, was not working for some key combos.

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