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RoboForm 6.8.2


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RoboForm 6.8.2  Change Log

  • Introduce New Account passcards that are used to store UserID and Password between new account creation on web site and first login. New Account passcard is converted to Login passcard on the 1st login.
  • If RoboForm senses Password Change form, it offers to change old password to the new password in the existing passcard, without requiring user to re-login.
  • Improve automatic detection of existing/new passcard choice in AutoSave.
  • Introduce domain equivalence for matching, eg: == ==
  • Allow leading and trailing blanks in passwords.
  • Fix jumpiness of RF toolbar when RF toolbar is disabled in IE AddOns and is attached from outside.
  • Do not replace Firefox Basic Auth dialog with our own, attach to the native dialog. Adapter >= 6.8.0.
  • Detect Firefox 2.0 and install the correct XPI in RF installer.

IE 7 and Vista.
    RoboForm and RoboForm2Go fully work with IE 7 and Vista starting with version 6.8.1.
  • IE7: Fix RoboForm2Go + RoboForm Fixed + IE7 startup sequence.
  • IE7: Fix Text cursor disappearing in search box.
  • IE7: Fix RoboForm installer cannot close IE7 windows.
  • Vista: Fix Passcards and activations done from IE are not visible from other RF programs.
  • Vista: Fix Jumpy sub-menu in RF taskbar icon Logins menu.
  • Vista: Fix Attaching to and detaching from IE in Protected mode.

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