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PhpMyAdmin 3.5.4


PhpMyAdmin 3.5.4 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

PhpMyAdmin 3.5.4  Change Log

  • Bug #3570212 [edit] uuid_short() is a no-arguments function
  • Bug #3569577 [edit] add routine parameter headers not valid for "function"
  • Bug #3575799 [search] various search operators not working as expected
  • Bug #3576322 [search] invalid select query generated for tables with enum fields
  • Bug #3577468 [display] incorrect imagejpeg syntax breaks image transformation
  • Bug #3578776 [search] editing sql not possible when no records found
  • Bug #3571970 [interface] display chart and number of rows to plot
  • Bug #3582631 [core] wrong redirect url caused cookies error with forcessl

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