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PhpMyAdmin 3.3.8


PhpMyAdmin 3.3.8 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

PhpMyAdmin 3.3.8  Change Log

  • Bug #3059311 [import] BIGINT field type added to table analysis
  • [core] Update library phpexcel to version 1.7.4
  • Bug #3062455 [core] copy procedures and routines before tables
  • Bug #3062455 [export] with SQL, export procedures and routines before tables
  • Bug #3056023 [import] USE query not working
  • Bug #3038193 [display] Error when editing row with GEOMETRY column
  • Bug #3062454 [interface] Display routines/events also when no tables are defined
  • Support ARIA storage engine as well as its previous name MARIA

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