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PhpMyAdmin 3.1.1


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PhpMyAdmin 3.1.1  Change Log

  • Patch #2242765 [core] Navi panel server links wrong,
  • Thanks to Martin Stricker - martinstricker
  • Bug #2186823 [core] bad session.save_path not detected
  • Bug #2202709 [core] Re-login causes PMA to forget current table name
  • Bug #2280904 [export] do not include view name in export
  • Rfe #1688975 [display] enable copying of auto increment by default
  • Bug #2355753 [core] do not bail out creating session on any PHP warning
  • Bug #2355925 [display] properly update tooltips in navigation frame
  • Bug #2355923 [core] do not use ctype if it is not available
  • Bug #2356433 [display] headerfliptype "fake" problems,
  • Thanks to Michal Biniek
  • Bug #2363919 [display] Incorrect size for view
  • Bug #2121287 [display] Drop-down menu blinking in FF
  •  [lang] Catalan update, thanks to Xavier Navarro
  •  [lang] Finnish update, thanks to Jouni Kahkonen
  • [core] Avoid error with blobstreaming support requiring SUPER privilege
  • [security] possible XSRF on several pages

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