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PhpMyAdmin 3.4.7 RC 1 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

PhpMyAdmin 3.4.7 RC 1  Change Log

  • Bug #3418610 [interface] Links in navigation when $cfg['mainpageiconic'] = false
  • Bug #3418849 [interface] Inline edit shows dropdowns even after closing
  • Bug [view] View renaming did not work
  • Bug [navi] Wrong icon for view (mysql 5.5)
  • Bug #3420229 [doc] Missing documentation section
  • Bug #3423725 [pdf] Broken PDF file when exporting database to PDF
  • [core] Allow to set language in URL
  • Bug #3425184 [doc] Fix links to PHP documentation
  • Bug #3426031 [export] Export to bzip2 is not working

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