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PhpMyAdmin 3.4.3 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

PhpMyAdmin 3.4.3  Change Log

  • Bug #3311170 [sync] Missing helper icons in Synchronize
  • Patch #3304473 [setup] Redefine a lable that was wrong
  • Bug #3304544 [parser] master is not a reserved word
  • Bug #3307616 [edit] Inline edit updates multiple duplicate rows
  • Patch #3311539 [edit] Inline edit does not escape backslashes
  • Bug #3313210 [interface] Columns class sometimes changed for nothing
  • Patch #3313326 [interface] Some tooltips do not disappear
  • Bug #3315720 [search] Fix search in non unicode tables
  • Bug #3315741 [display] Inline query edit broken
  • Patch #3317206 [privileges] Generate password option missing on new accounts
  • Bug #3317293 [edit] Inline edit places HTML line breaks in edit area
  • Bug #3319466 [interface] Inline query edit does not escape special characters
  • Minor XSS (require a valid token)

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