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Notepad++ 5.8.3


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Notepad++ 5.8.3  Change Log

Notepad++ v5.8.3 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.8.2):

  • A new application icon.
  • Add the capacity to open x64 system files.
  • Add Edit context menu command.
  • Add a new ability: sub-menus commands can be in the context menu.
  • Fix context menu reload problem (plugin commands reload fails).
  • Fix searching up fails while code page is set to Chinese/Japnese/Korean bug.
  • Remove unsupported encodings by Microsoft Windows : ISO-8859-10, ISO-8859-11, ISO-8859-16.
  • Fix move down current lines bug while moving down on the last line.
  • Fix crash issue : crash in the next launch after setting MS-DOS-Style as default language.
  • Fix zoom bug on the second view.
  • Fix a heap corruption of ColourPicker.
  • Due to UAC issue, doLocalConf.xml is ignored under vista and windows 7, if Notepad++ is installed in "Program files" directory.

Included plugins (Unicode):

  • TextFX v0.26
  • Spell Checker v1.3.3
  • NppFTP 0.23
  • NppExport v0.2.8
  • Compare Plugin
  • Plugin Manager

 Included plugins (ANSI):

  • TextFX v0.25
  • NppExec v0.4.1
  • Spell Checker v1.3.3
  • MIME Tools v1.6
  • NppExport v0.2.8
  • Light Explorer v1.6
  • Compare Plugin 1.5.5
  • Plugin Manager

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