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Notepad++ 2.2


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Notepad++ 2.2  Change Log

  • Improve the user define language feature (add syntax folding) and allow to user to save the user define language.
  • Support Unicode (UTF-8, UCS-2).
  • Add "Mark all", "Style All" and "Count" feature in the Find Dialog.
  • Correct "Replace All" infinite loop bug. For example : Find "poo" to replace by "pooo".
  • Add shortcut key Ctrl + F4 and Ctrl + W to close file.
  • Text foreground colour remains the same when text is selected (change only the selected text background colour).
  • Add C# language support.
  • Add Lua language support.
  • Correct a minor bug for the Splitter window (no more context menu for the fix splitter).
  • Add css.api file and some CSS keywords (Thanks to Caroline Gu?nette).

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