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Notepad++ 3.2


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Notepad++ 3.2  Change Log

  • Change the behaviour for nativeLang.xml : nativeLang.xml which in the application directoy will be loaded as the absence of %AppData\Notepad++\nativeLang.xml.
  • Support XP visual style.
  • Fix replace all + direction up bug.
  • Fix the bug that scrolls down one line as launching Notepad++ to open a file (double click).
  • Fix the view shift bug while switching back (finally!!!).
  • Fix the bug of failing to open the files (by using context menu or double click) with some "special" file names.
  • Add "open the last session's files" feature (optional).
  • Support the project file (save session and load session)
  • Change the interface of Styler Configurator.
  • Fix the bug that open muli-instance of Notepad++ while opening several files at the first launch.
  • The extensions of User Defined Languages can override the ones of supported languages now.
  • Fix the Find all in read only file bug.

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