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Notepad++ 4.7.3


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Notepad++ 4.7.3  Change Log

  • Make the "recovery system" for 3 mandatory xml files (config.xml, langs.xml and stylers.xml) to prevent the fail loading due to the corrupted files.
  • Extend plugin capacity - add the Scintilla external lexer capacity.
  • Add the ability to hide the tab bar with "-notabbar" flag in command line (ie. Notepad style).
  • Column selection is remembered now while switching among the files. As well this settings will be stored in the next session.
  • Add 2 Commends (beside Toggle Comment) Comment (Ctrl+K) and Uncomment (Ctrl+Shift+K).
  • Change "UTF8 without BOM" menu item behaviour.
  • Fix the hiding bug while launch time because of change of environment from duel monitors to mono monitor.
  • Remove vista UAC warning for GUP. Add "Update Notepad++" menu item.
  • Add NPPM_HIDETABBAR and NPPM_ISTABBARHIDE plugins messages.
  • Add NPPM_GETNPPVERSION message for plugin system.
  • Enhance the horizontal scroll feature.
  • Change Find in files behaviour : all the hidden directory won't be searched (for example : .svn).
  • Add build date-time in about box.
  • Fix a bug where a file with 2 or more consecutive spaces gives problems with sessions and history.
  • Fixe the problem where opening a file when in save as dialog saves the wrong file.
  • Add "Clean Recent File List" menu command.
  • Enhance full screen feature (F11).

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