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Notepad++ 5.4.4


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Notepad++ 5.4.4  Change Log

  • Upgrade Scintilla from 1.77 to 1.78.
  • Fix XML syntax highlighting bug while presence of the tag "<script/>" (Yes, finally).
  • Fix Find in files/Find in all open files bug in non western languages (ie. Russian, Chinese, Hebrew...).
  • Fix the find in files crash issue if find what field contains 0x0A or 0xD.
  • Fix Window7 SetWindowsHookEx() failed issue for the dockable windows. (by recognizing windows7 environment)
  • Fix no tool bar bug under w2k.
  • Fix Incremental search bug while clicking on text zone after some searches.
  • Fix Matlab script making Notepad++ crash under Chinese windows issue.
  • Make NpWiki++ link available as on line help.
  • Add lines count on status bar.
  • Fix "In selection" bug in Find Replace features.
  • Fix the clickable link issue for some links (add '~' in RegExp).
  • Fix the bug that Notepad++ does not show on while it is minimized and its file is modified from outside.

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