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Netscape 9 Beta 2

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Feb 20, 2008
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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Netscape 1.0 RC 1Apr 16, 19930.00 B
Netscape 3.04Oct 4, 19970.00 B
Netscape 4.04Nov 11, 19970.00 B
Netscape 4.7.2 Add info0.00 B
Netscape 4.50Oct 19, 19980.00 B
Netscape 4.60May 18, 19990.00 B
Netscape 4.61Jun 14, 19990.00 B
Netscape 4.72Feb 21, 20000.00 B
Netscape 4.79Nov 10, 20010.00 B
Netscape 4.80Aug 22, 20020.00 B
Netscape 6.01Feb 9, 20010.00 B
Netscape 6.02Oct 30, 20010.00 B
Netscape 6.10Aug 8, 20010.00 B
Netscape 6.23Mar 15, 20020.00 B
Netscape 7.01Dec 10, 20020.00 B
Netscape 7.1Jun 30, 20030.00 B
Netscape 7.02Feb 18, 20030.00 B
Netscape 7.10 Add info0.00 B
Netscape 7.20Aug 17, 20040.00 B
Netscape 8.0.33Aug 8, 20050.00 B
Netscape 8.0.40Oct 19, 20050.00 B
Netscape 8.1Jan 25, 20060.00 B
Netscape 8.01May 19, 20050.00 B
Netscape 8.1.2Sep 27, 20060.00 B
Netscape 8.1.3 Add info0.00 B
Netscape 8.02Jun 17, 20050.00 B
Netscape 9.0 Add info0.00 B
Netscape 22, 20070.00 B
Netscape 1, 20070.00 B
Netscape 2, 20070.00 B
Netscape 27, 20070.00 B
Netscape 11, 20070.00 B
Netscape 20, 20080.00 B
Netscape 9.0 RC 1 Add info0.00 B
Netscape 9.0 Beta 3 Add info0.00 B
Netscape 9 Beta 1 Add info0.00 B
Netscape 9 Beta 2 Add info0.00 B

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Netscape Description

Netscape Navigator is a web browser spawned from the Mosaic platform and slightly resembles Firefox in its functionality and features. There is tabbed browsing, bookmark organizing, RSS feeds, search engine management and possibility to add Mozilla extensions.

Netscape Navigator was originally based on the Mosaic web browser which was created at the University of Illinois and it is from Mosaic, that IE, Firefox and Chrome inherited most of their characteristics. Developed by Netscape Communications Corporation, Netscape Navigator was coded by many of the original Mosaic authors and the first version was released in October of 1994. V1.x included a really simple UI with an address bar (named

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