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Netscape 4.72


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Netscape 4.72  Change Log

  • *Global IME support (Windows): allows input of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters. See the International section for details.
  • *User agent support for Windows 2000
  • Communicator 4.7 has been tested and certified as Y2K-compliant. See the following URLs for additional information on Netscape's Y2K Compliancy support and product status:
  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) 3.0
  • Shop@Netscape button (click this to go to Netscape's on-line shopping center)
  • Netscape Radio radio service -- allows you to listen to live, continuously programmed radio stations featuring different music styles. (To launch to Netscape Radio, select Radio from the Communicator menu.)
  • WinAmp MP3 player (Windows)
  • Real Player G2 (Windows)
  • Macromedia Flash 4.0
  • Security fixes:
    • 1024-bit "KEYGEN" added to export versions
    • Form signing bug fix related to signing-only certificate
    • Javascript
  • Simplified process for obtaining digital certificates
  • New 56-bit DES ciphers added to both export and US versions (requires new SSL cipher suite server-side)
  • Various bug fixes

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