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America Online


America Online Latest Version

America Online 9.7

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America Online Popular Version

America Online 8.0

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Oct 8, 2002
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Software VersionRelease DateSize
America Online 1.0Jan 6, 19930.00 B
America Online 1.1Jan 31, 19930.00 B
America Online 2.0Sep 20, 19940.00 B
America Online 2.5Jun 2, 19950.00 B
America Online 3.0Jun 22, 19960.00 B
America Online 3.0 rev 131.64Jun 26, 19960.00 B
America Online 4.0Jun 9, 19980.00 B
America Online 5.0Sep 8, 19990.00 B
America Online 6.0Sep 5, 20000.00 B
America Online 7.0Oct 17, 20010.00 B
America Online 8.0Oct 8, 20020.00 B
America Online 9.0VRNov 8, 20070.00 B
America Online 9.0 OptimizedAug 12, 20030.00 B
America Online 9.5Feb 12, 20090.00 B
America Online 9.6Nov 10, 20100.00 B
America Online 9.7 Add info0.00 B

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America Online Description

America Online or AOL is an online software suite combining a web browser, email service, instant messaging client and integrated toolbar providing a complete online experience for users.

America Online began its life as an online games service for the Atari and Commodore under the project name of Control Video Corporation (CVC); the service allowed users to download games from a central hub. The developers changed the direction of their work and throughout the 80s worked in-conjunction with Apple to provide a dedicated online service called Quantum Link. This online service was later moved to IBM PCs and when Quantum Link and Apple

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