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iMesh Latest Version

iMesh 12.0

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2.37 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

iMesh Popular Version

iMesh 4.5 Build 150

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3.38 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
iMesh 1.14 Add info1.32 MB
iMesh 2.2Mar 2, 20012.36 MB
iMesh 3.0Mar 18, 20022.55 MB
iMesh 3.1Mar 18, 20022.70 MB
iMesh 4.0 Add info2.89 MB
iMesh 4.2Sep 4, 20033.42 MB
iMesh 4.5 Build 143 Add info3.38 MB
iMesh 4.5 Build 150 Add info3.38 MB
iMesh 5.0 Add info4.82 MB
iMesh 5.2 Add info5.06 MB
iMesh 6.0Oct 25, 20055.05 MB
iMesh 6.5Apr 10, 20066.97 MB
iMesh 7.0Nov 6, 20066.93 MB
iMesh 7.1Apr 11, 20078.34 MB
iMesh 7.2 Add info8.34 MB
iMesh 8.0Oct 12, 20089.32 MB
iMesh 8.1Dec 23, 200810.02 MB
iMesh 9.0May 14, 200911.45 MB
iMesh 9.1 Add info12.04 MB
iMesh 10.0 Add info13.98 MB
iMesh 10.01May 24, 201013.98 MB
iMesh 11.0 Add info2.28 MB
iMesh 11.0.867.47518Mar 6, 20122.30 MB
iMesh 12.0 Add info2.37 MB

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iMesh Description

iMesh - the P2P client that allows you to download and upload just about anything from music, videos, images, computer games and much much more. With excellent usability and a sleek, modern interface, added to an in-built media player and an auto-complete feature for all requested downloads, iMesh has become the 3rd most popular music subscription service in the US.

iMesh 1.02 beta was released in 1999 and the way it worked was by users sharing files from their computers, from one desktop to another without the use of a server; other features included instant messaging between users and anti-virus scanning. Version 3.0 bettered the first two releases including upload history, new skins, a resume feature which allows you to complete your downloads later if an iMesh user disconnects and an in-built media player. Upon the release of iMesh 5.0 in 2004 the client connected to a multiple of P2P networks such as Gnutella, Gnutella2 and eDonkey. Social networking features and improved stability were among some of the updates to iMesh 7.0; with unregistered users allowed to use the iMesh service to download certain P2P content in version 8.1.

The latest 2011 release, iMesh 11.0 includes a library to organize all media files on your PC and share with friends, a tab bar enabling you to search for content more easily and discover new music, a DJ feature which plays music from similar artists that you like and CD burning support.

iMesh is only supported on Windows XP/Vista/7 and not supported on earlier version of the Windows OS.

Pros: Great UI with easy access to content, free to use for unregistered users, fast downloads.

Cons: No integration with Facebook/Twitter, comes bundled with adware such as browser toolbars, difficult to uninstall.

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