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eDonkey2000 Latest Version

eDonkey2000 35.16.60

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875.09 KB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

eDonkey2000 Popular Version

eDonkey2000 1.4.3

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3.05 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
eDonkey2000 0.44 Add info0.97 MB
eDonkey2000 0.45 Add info0.99 MB
eDonkey2000 0.46 Add info1.01 MB
eDonkey2000 0.56Jul 5, 2001574.98 KB
eDonkey2000 0.57Aug 25, 2001571.48 KB
eDonkey2000 0.61Oct 13, 20020.97 MB
eDonkey2000 1.0 Add info2.12 MB
eDonkey2000 1.1.1 Add info2.71 MB
eDonkey2000 1.2.9 Add info3.49 MB
eDonkey2000 1.3.9 Add info3.51 MB
eDonkey2000 1.4 Add info3.00 MB
eDonkey2000 1.4.3 Add info3.05 MB
eDonkey2000 Server 16.36 Add info55.36 KB
eDonkey2000 Server 16.38 Add info78.96 KB
eDonkey2000 34.16.57 Add info571.48 KB
eDonkey2000 35.16.59 Add info853.50 KB
eDonkey2000 35.16.60 Add info875.09 KB

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eDonkey2000 Description

eDonkey2000 is a peer-to-peer file sharing application developed by MetaMachine, using the Multisource File Transfer Protocol. The eDonkey client supports both the eDonkey2000 network and the Overnet network.

The latest version of the official eDonkey2000 client includes a plugin that allows BitTorrent files to be downloaded. Once a torrent download begins the search facility within eDonkey can find the same file within the eDonkey/Overnet network and synchronise its download. This effectively allows a torrent to be used as another source for the download, vastly increasing speed as well as virtually eliminating problems with fakes. Torrents are very "clean" in terms of falsely labelled files and their use as file size verifiers in addition to eDonkey2000's own user-based fake warning system has vastly improved the network's functionality, especially in comparison to other notoriously fake ridden networks such as Kazaa.

The older version of the client prefixed "eDonkey2000," do not support the OverNet network and are therefore more suitable for people who wish to connect to only eDonkey servers. The eDonkey 2000 server client is also available for download below.

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