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Bearshare Latest Version

Bearshare 10.0.904.47630

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Jan 6, 2012
2.25 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

Bearshare Popular Version

Bearshare Lite 5.2.5

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Jul 28, 2006
3.34 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Bearshare 5.1.0Oct 18, 20053.26 MB
Bearshare Lite 5.1.0Oct 18, 20053.26 MB
Bearshare Lite 5.2.0Nov 25, 20053.26 MB
Bearshare 5.2.0Nov 25, 20053.26 MB
Bearshare 5.2.1Feb 10, 20063.25 MB
Bearshare Lite 5.2.1Feb 10, 20063.25 MB
Bearshare 5.2.2 Add info3.26 MB
Bearshare Lite 5.2.2Apr 20, 20063.26 MB
Bearshare Lite 5.2.5Jul 28, 20063.34 MB
Bearshare 5.2.5Jul 28, 20063.34 MB
Bearshare 6Sep 4, 20066.85 MB
Bearshare 6.0Sep 4, 20066.85 MB
Bearshare 8.0May 27, 200911.36 MB
Bearshare 8.1Aug 11, 200911.93 MB
Bearshare 22, 20122.26 MB
Bearshare 10.0.890.48078Apr 8, 20122.26 MB
Bearshare 10.0.904.47630Jan 6, 20122.25 MB

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Bearshare Description

BearShare is a free, file sharing application used to download/upload video and audio content, as well as play the content via its in-built media player.

Originally developed by Free Peers, Inc. BearShare was launched in 2000 and used the Gnutella-based peer-to-peer network. Due to a lawsuit against Free Peers, Inc. in 2005, BearShare and its assets were moved to MusicLab, LLC and with the 2006 version 6 release BearShare no longer used the Gnutella protocol but another legal P2P network.

BearShare v6 included updates which changed the way previous version of the application worked. They verified files that were uploaded so as not to infringe copyright laws; no files above 50mb in size or longer than 15 minutes in length could be uploaded, only video and audio content could be uploaded and no exes or RAR files to eliminate any transfers of full length movies. The network is monitored and only free content is available, with options to pay to download music.

BearShare has also become a social networking forum where you can make new friends and share content from music libraries. BearShare promotes access to 20 million videos and songs; radio and video streaming and even works on iPod

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