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Ares Galaxy


Ares Galaxy Latest Version

Ares Galaxy 2.10

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2.07 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

Ares Galaxy Popular Version

Ares Galaxy 1.9.4

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Nov 12, 2006
1.19 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Ares Galaxy 1.8.2Sep 21, 20051.07 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.8.3Sep 24, 20051.06 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.8.4Oct 1, 20051.06 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.8.5Oct 5, 20051.07 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.8.6Oct 8, 20051.07 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.8.7Oct 28, 20051.43 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.8.8Nov 14, 20051.46 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.8.9Dec 22, 20051.48 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.0Jan 29, 20061.49 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.1May 3, 20061.47 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.2Jul 15, 20061.47 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.3Oct 22, 20061.17 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.4Nov 12, 20061.19 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.5Nov 18, 20061.20 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.6Nov 30, 20061.41 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.7Dec 2, 20061.39 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.8Dec 8, 20061.54 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.9.9Dec 14, 20061.40 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.82 Add info1.07 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.83 Add info1.06 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.84 Add info1.06 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.95 Add info1.20 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.96 Add info1.41 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.97 Add info1.39 MB
Ares Galaxy 1.98 Add info1.54 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.0 Add info1.55 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.1Jan 10, 20073.89 KB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.2Jan 20, 20071.78 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.3Jan 24, 20071.77 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.5Feb 3, 20071.99 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.6Feb 12, 20071.99 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.7Feb 25, 20072.03 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.8Mar 3, 20072.00 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.0.9May 4, 20071.96 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.0Nov 24, 20082.07 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.1Dec 13, 20082.15 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.2Nov 5, 20092.27 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.3Jan 9, 20102.27 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.4Jan 22, 20102.32 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.5Feb 8, 20102.33 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.6Jul 10, 20102.40 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.7Oct 27, 20102.40 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.8Feb 2, 20122.87 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.1.9Nov 23, 20122.87 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.02 Add info1.78 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.2.0Jan 17, 20132.92 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.2.1Jan 21, 20132.52 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.2.2 Add info3.41 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.2.3Feb 1, 20133.47 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.2.4Feb 11, 20133.72 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.2.7Feb 1, 20141.05 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.03 Add info1.77 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.3.0Aug 16, 20144.37 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.06 Add info1.99 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.07 Add info2.03 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.08 Add info2.00 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.09 Add info1.96 MB
Ares Galaxy 2.10 Add info2.07 MB

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Ares Galaxy Description

Ares Galaxy is a popular and easy to use peer-to-peer application with a user friendly interface where you simply search for content you wish to download and double click the files to begin downloading once they appear. Ares was previously operating on the Gnutella network but now uses its own decentralized supernode/leaf network which developers claim has faster download times and produces more rapid and efficient search results. Ares also comes with a chat feature where users can communicate with each other over thousands of channels and also supports audio and video playback.

Ares was released in 2002 as freeware and open source and six months after first public release it switched from the Gnutella network to its own network to make it more difficult to be identified like other P2P programs and gain access to restricted networks. This increased its popularity and developers made significant changes to keep it ahead of its competitors, such as BitTorrent support in version 1.9.3 and support for two peers to share data behind a firewall. The ShoutCast internet radio feature was added in v1.9.5 with minor changes to UI also. Ares 2.0.x saw some major updates with the additions of chat room taskbar button and web/homepage label in control panel; what improved Ares

Ares Galaxy Comments

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